Flake Ice Machine 2500kgs

The flake ice machine produces 2500kgs flat flake ice per day.

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This flake ice machine produces 2500kgs flat flake ice per day.

We aim at producing flake ice machines for extended durability and stability. Every part of our flake ice machine is made of high-grade material. None of our ice machine falls short of the international standards of the HACCP & FDA. We are capable of offering you the best solutions to customize in your ice requirements. We are now supplying flake ice machines to global customers with high-quality ice machines and dedicated services.

Mello flake ice machines work safe and stable, and easy to maintain. The flake ice is formed at low temperature and capable of being applied on different occasions. With its high accumulated energy, the flake ice lasts longer to preserve food. Besides, the shape of ice flakes will not damage the surface of refrigerated objects but help cool with a large surface area.


  • Integral design, compact structure.
  • Varied outputs from 300kgs to 5000kgs.
  • Produce ice at an even and continuous speed.
  • Advanced diagnostics computerized control.
  • Available with air-cooled and water-cooled systems.
  • Energy saving system.
  • Protection against phase deficiency, water shortage, full-ice.
  • Multiple choices of refrigerant (R-22/404a/507).
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Sufficient inventory for immediate shipping.
  • 18 months manufacturer warranty.
  • CE/SGS/ISO certified.



The commercial flake ice machines have a small dimension and a compact structure, suitable for working in the areas where have limited space. Because of the unique commercial advantages over other types of ice, the flake ice is an ideal medium for fresh keeping and temperature control. The commercial flake ice machines are widely applied in the restaurant, kitchen, shop, supermarket, slaught house, bio and chemical labs, etc.



Working conditions:
Ambient Temp. Range: 10~38℃
Inlet Water Temp.: 5~32℃

Model: FK2HT
Productions (24 hrs)*:2500kgs
Ice Shape: flat flake
Ice dimensions: 1.5~2.2mm thickness
Material of the freezing surface**: carbon steel (default)
Condensation***: Air-cooled (default)
Power Supply: 380V/50, 220V/60Hz
Power (Watt): 9560
Refrigerant****: R-22 (default)
Dimension of machine: 1600x1400x1150 mm
Net weight: 850 kgss


Ice machine x 1
Shovel x 1
Water feeding tube x 1
Water drainage tube x 1
Water overflow tube x 1
Plastic water bottle x 1
Packing: Standard export woodcase

* The rated production is tested under ambient temp. at 25℃ and inlet water temp at 15℃.
** The default material of the freezing surface is carbon steel. The stainless steel surface is available for special request. The cost differs.
*** The default condensation system is by air cooling. The water-cooled system is available for special request. The water-cooled system consumes water for condensation.
**** The default refrigerant is R-22. The other available refrigerants are R-404a and R507. The cost differs.

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