Frappé Ice Maker, CM084, 100kgs

The frappé ice maker machine CM084 produces 100kgs small ice granules per day.

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General Details

This frappé ice maker machine produces 100kgs ice granules per day.

The Mello commercial frappé ice makers produce a continuous granular ice from the supply of fresh water. The frappé ice provides instant chill that every drink needs and make a cool bedding for delicates. The frappé ice is a good medium for storage of aquatic, chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

The self-contained compact design of our frappé ice makers allows for flexibility in installation. The frappé ice maker machine comes complete with the ice making assembly, air-cooled condensing unit, and electronic control panel. The Mello commercial frappé ice makers are powered in monophase and are available in 115 Volt or 230 Volt.

The ice scraper and ice bin for the ice making assemblies are made of food grade stainless steel. The frappé ice can be directly consumed with high sanitation. It’s easy and fast to make tasty ice smoothies from the frappé ice, no ice crusher is required because the frappé ice is even smaller than the crushed ice granules.


  • Produce edible granular ice at a stable and continuous speed.
  • Resistant stainless steel exterior.
  • Advanced diagnostics computerized control.
  • Front panel in-and-out airflow for built-in installation.
  • Frontal access air filter, removable and washable.
  • Easily accessible frontal panel mount ON-OFF switch.
  • Routine Maintenance visible alarm light on front panel.
  • Ergonomically designed ice storage access with sliding door.
  • Energy saving system.
  • Protection against phase deficiency, water shortage, full-ice.
  • CFC-free R-134a Refrigerant.
  • Power cord for quick installation.
  • 18 months manufacturer warranty.
  • CE certified.



The Mello frappé ice makers are widely used for biological, food preservation, biochemical and enzymatic studies in research and medical labs, health care facilities, food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, etc.



Working conditions:
Ambient Temp. Range: 10~38℃
Inlet Water Temp.: 5~32℃

Model: CM084
Productions (24 hrs)*:100 kgs
Storage Bin: 20 kgs
Ice shape: Small ice granules
Power (W): 580
Refrigerant: R134a
Condensation: Air-cooled
Power Supply: 220V/1P/50~60Hz
Dimension of machine: 55x61x87 cm
Dimension of storage bin: Built-in
Gross weight: 64 kgs
Compressor: ZEL/Secop/Embraco Aspera


Ice machine x 1
Scoop x 1
Water tube x 2
Leg x 4
Packing: Standard export carton

* The rated production is tested under ambient temp. at 20℃ and inlet water temp at 10℃.

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  1. Does the unit produce much heat from the front? Concerned this will heat up my kitchen as I’m in the open air.

    • Mello Commercial Equipment February 17, 2018 at 12:19 pm Reply

      This ice machine doesn’t create an appreciable amount of heat, but remember anything that creates cooling or ice does so at least in part by removing heat. Cold is simply the absence of heat. I shouldn’t think this ice machine will make a noticeable ambient temperature difference.

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