Gelato Batch Freezer, 60 L/H

This free-standing hard-serve gelato batch freezer produces 60 Litre per hour, free-standing with casters.

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General Details

This free-standing hard-serve gelato batch freezer produces 60 Litre per hour.

The MELLO Hard Ice Cream Machine Gelato Batch Freezer is a compact professional machine designed to produce high-quality gelato, hard ice cream and all other frozen dessert products in larger quantities with maximum efficiency, making it perfect for restaurants or cold drink shops.

Key Features

Electronic control; auto and semi-automatic cycles

  • Automatic freezing cycle to reach ideal consistency according to the type and quality of mix introduced.
  • Automatic freezing cycle ’PLUS’ for higher consistency levels.
  • Semi-automatic freezing cycle with timer control.
  • Semi-automatic freezing cycle with consistency control.
  • Slush cycle with consistency setting and continuous agitation.
  • Slush cycle with time setting and cyclic agitation.
  • Automatic consistency preservation at the end of each cycle.

High precision – The electronic IES features a new consistency control system that further improves the precision of the freezing process during different working conditions.

Safety – The freezer door has a double safety system on the hopper grid, if the grid is lifted or the door opened, the beater immediately stops in order to avoid any accidents. The door features an additional grid on the ejection orifice to prevent any injury. All control panels are low voltage.

Efficiency – The MELLO Gelato Batch Freezer features a stainless steel beater with removable flexible scrapers to ensure efficient freezing to help maintain quality.

Variable batch size – High production flexibility from various liquid mix, the automatic control manages the freezing cycle in relation to the type and quantity of mix. (Output volume, freezing time and percentage of overrun will vary depending on the type of product and ingredients used).



Production Capacity: 60 L/H
Cylinder: 1x12L
Voltage*: 220V/50~60HZ
Main Compressor:Tecumseh 2HP
Cooling System: Air-cooled
Refrigerant: R404A
N.W.: 208 kgs
G.W.: 220 kgs
Dimensions: 601x664x1430mm

commercial gelato ice cream machine


Triphase power supply

Package Includes

Ice cream machine x 1
Spare parts x 1 set

* The standard electric configuration of this ice cream machine is 220V/monofase/50Hz. Please especially tell us if need 115V/60Hz, 220V/monophase/60Hz or 380V/triphase/50Hz when placing the order.

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